You don’t have to be fit & healthy to start, but you have to start to be fit and healthy…

Hi, my name is Stephen.  I’m 40 and live in Dublin, Ireland.

I have basically always been out of shape, never quite got around to getting myself fit when I was younger.  It was always a lot of hassle and I figured I’d get round to it at some stage.

Well, now I’m 40 so it’s now or never!

In the last few years I started taking it a bit more seriously but never really saw it through to any kind of successful conclusion.

So… this time I’m committed – I setup a website and a Facebook page and everything :)…

I’ll be updating the site as I go along, as much for my own motivation as anything else but if you find yourself in a similar situation or if there’s something you’d like to contribute / add / suggest / etc – please get in touch, I’d love to connect with you.

Best regards,