Leap Year Update

So, I’ve been at this fitness lark for the last few months – three and a half really to be exact.

I’ve been a member up in my local gym for the last year and a half in the subconscious belief that I will get fit by osmosis and just by being a member, I will get fitter.

However, in the final months of 2015 I got it into my head that I was going to take this FitForty stuff seriously and I needed to motivate myself to actually follow through with the effort of getting in shape.

With that being a given, I started to lumber my way up to the pool to see if that would help me ease into the regime.  I was a pretty good swimmer as a young lad and I always enjoyed it.

At the beginning I was able to huff and puff my way to about 12 or 14 lengths (I don’t feel comfortable stopping on 13…) without really taking account of the time.  Over a few weeks I built up the stamina to start paying attention to the time I got into the pool and how many lengths I did by the time I got out and how long I’d been in there.

Around Christmas time, I bought a simple swim watch on Amazon which counts the laps and time because I believe that what gets measured gets improved – more on that in a later post – and found when I wasn’t focussed on counting up my lengths and getting bored I was able to swim more as my mind wandered a little between strokes and have reached 30 lengths – 750m – without breaks in just under 30 mins.

Once I had that benchmark I started improving my time and throwing in a few front crawl lengths to get a bit faster and just last week got my total 30 lengths down to 24minutes which I’m quite happy with.

I’m aiming to build up to doing the whole 750m front crawl to build up stamina and then start seeing how quick I can get it or if I can push on to the 1k and more distances.

Anyway, I’m quite happy with myself and feel pretty good.  I have noticed that the whole idea of not being in the mood to go to the gym gets dissipated when you actually just say feck it and head up anyway.  Once you’re there you get into it and you feel much better for it afterwards!